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Chief Business Officer



To provide a ladder of opportunity to underserved communities in Rwanda, as we proclaim and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


We share the hope of Christ as we provide financial services and biblically-based training that restore dignity and break the cycle of poverty.


The love of Jesus Christ motivates us to identify with those living in poverty and be His hands and feet as we strive to glorify God.

Chief Business Officer

Urwego Bank wishes to recruit 1 qualified, competent and proactive Chief Business Officer at the Head Office who will Promote and fulfill the mission of Urwego Bank, through the provision of the strategic direction the entire business channels and network of the bank. The chief business officer will also oversee a large network of employees across the country ensuring that they remain fully engage and productive.

Job Title:  Chief Business Officer

Grade Level:  Executive

Reporting to: Chief Executive Officer

Directly Supervises: Business ManagersRetail Banking and Business Guarantee Manager; Customer Engagement and Product Manager.

Location: Kigali, Rwanda


The Chief Business Officer oversees Urwego’s entire branch retail and sales network, retail support and guarantees, customer service and engagement as well as agent banking business of the bank. The overall deliverables and well-designed services that meet real needs in a remarkably caring and efficient fashion.


Promote and fulfill Urwego Bank’s 3Ms as listed above while working within a Christ-centered environment that is mission-driven, community-oriented, and results-driven.

Spiritual Integration and Christian Witness

1.    Ensure a personal, healthy spiritual balance within the family, work, and church life through the adoption of biblical personal and spiritual disciplines; and

2.    Conduct daily work, make decisions, and help Urwego Bank make decisions in a way that witnesses to the presence, power, and love of Jesus and the reality of his Kingdom on earth.

3.    Contribute to a healthy corporate culture that integrates faith and work through spiritual thought leadership and inspiration via staff devotions, retreats, and relevant meetings;  

4.    As appropriate disciple team members, growing the maturity of their faith and integration of the spiritual, social, material, and personal elements of their life;

5.    Ensure that Christian witness is incorporated into our product and service design

Essential duties and accountability: The Chief Business Officer will be reporting to the Chief Executive Officer with the following responsibilities:


  1. Establish a culture of extraordinary service, starting with personal example through serving direct reports and radiating outwards to branches and clients;


  1. Contribute to the development of a market-relevant strategy that helps Urwego remain true to its mission, recognize its distinctive advantages, and positions the bank to remain impactful and profitable well into the future;
  2. Develop and execute a business plan that achieves Urwego’s short-term and long-term objectives and key results

Staff Management

  1. Create healthy, trusting management relationships with direct reports and help them do likewise with teams that they oversee;
  2. Establish accountability and high performance among team members;
  3. Demonstrate effective delegation;
  4. Train and build the capacity of team members so that they thrive in their areas of responsibility;

Business Growth

  1. Develop the overall sales targets and plans for business growth;
  2. Carry out business development initiatives targeting new customers and new sales opportunities; and
  3. Supervise and guide business, division, and branch managers to ensure all growth and quality targets are met at all branches;
  4. Ensure products and services are clearly understood and promoted by staff, relevant and satisfactory to the client’s growing needs;
  5. Create sales promotions, marketing activities, and client celebrations that will deepen client engagement;

Credit Quality

  1. Work with the sales team to ensure quality loans are put forward for approval;
  2. Ensure product design is practical for the service delivery team to implement and appropriately risk-mitigated; and
  3. Act as a member of the Product Credit Committee and the Management Credit

Regulatory Alignment

  1. Ensure compliance with regulatory guidance for the bank and its various service delivery channels and ensure procedures, structure, and design are in accordance with the relevant directives

Policy, Procedure, and Risk Management

  1. Maintain up-to-date policy and procedure manuals for the critical processes associated with service delivery; and
  2. Work with the risk department to ensure the effective and timely mitigation of the many risks associated with financial service delivery through our network;
  3. Ensure high-level compliance with policies and procedures as a department with minimized and quickly closed audit findings;

Product Design

  1. Serve as the lead representative of service delivery to the product design team responsible for the creation and refinement of all key products;
  2. Maintain knowledge of industry trends and find solutions to client, staff, and business needs;

Delivery Network

  1. Maintain a cost-optimized delivery network reaching the target markets and geographies of Urwego;
  2. Ensure physical branches provide relational, relevant, high-quality, and convenient service that affirms the dignity of our clients;
  3. Develop innovative solutions that expand Urwego’s reach and push transactions outside the branch offices to agents, nano branches, and relationship centers;
  4. Shorten the turnaround time for loans without compromising loan quality;
  5. Minimize cash handling outside of branches; and
  6. Utilize quality data analytics to answer real questions and drive business decision making;

Agent Banking

  1. Strategically develop agent network offerings that build on Urwego’s core competencies and that partner with other services to go beyond our current business frontier focus;
  2. Ensure convenience and quality service to customers utilizing our digital channels; and
  3. Carefully select agent banking partners that allow the bank to cost-effectively meet client needs

Implementation and Integration of Technology

  1. Ensure technology is effectively utilized by service delivery staff to deliver excellent, efficient services to Urwego clients and enables management to make informed decisions;
  2. Provide feedback to the technology design team specifying appropriate technological interventions that make the work of the service delivery team more effective;
  3. Ensure strong implementation and change management of technological innovations relevant to the field; and
  4. Lead the service delivery team in building the capacity of field staff to support and knowledgeably use key field-data applications and reporting systems

Stakeholder and Partner Relationships

  1. Serve as a key representative of the bank to stakeholders and partners; and
  2. Establish relationships and contracts with vendors and service providers to assist as appropriate with the execution of specific projects and services needed;


  1. Personal confession of faith in Jesus Christ and commitment to the mission and vision of Urwego Bank Plc;
  2. Bachelor’s degree in business, economics or equivalent qualification in a related field;
  3. With 8 or more years of experience in microfinance, international banking, or the financial services sector;
  4. With 5 years of management/leadership experience;
  5. Demonstrated analytical and strategic thinking skills;
  6. Demonstrated capacity to motivate, develop and lead others in a diverse and geographically distributed context;
  7. Demonstrated capacity to manage sales and performance targets;
  8. Passion for motivating and developing staff to reach their full potential;
  9. Experience leading front office and back-office operations of a retail bank;
  10. Strong organizational skills, including effective time management and prioritization of competing demands/multiple deadlines;
  11. Experience managing and contributing to large scale IT projects and demonstrated competence in project management disciplines;
  12. Excellent written, verbal, and computer-based communication and presentation skills;
  13. Excellent cross-cultural listening, communication, and leadership skills;
  14. Experience in credit management preferred;
  15. Advanced Microsoft Office suite skills; and
  16. Full professional proficiency in spoken/written English; spoken/written Kinyarwanda and/or French is advantageous;

 How to apply

  1. Interested and eligible applicants should submit the following documents to UrwegoHR@urwegobank.com not later than 30th October 2020 5 pm.
  2. Applications should be addressed to the HR Department
  3. Motivation letter explaining your suitability for the position,
  4. Curriculum vitae with 2 referee names,
  5. Degree Certificate, Copy of ID, and additional certificates if any.
  6. Recommendation from your Church with a validity of not less than 6 Months
  7. Personal Statement of Faith.

Thank you.

Urwego Bank PLC