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ADRA Rwanda seeks to hire a highly-qualified, dedicated and experienced for the role of   DRIVER

PART 1 – Position and number

Drivers (5)

PART 2 – Place of Engagement

The position of engagement is based in ADRA Rwanda/Kigali Town and the employee is required to travel through all Rwanda especially in different refugee camps where ADRA is operating.

PART 3 – Structural Position

The driver is responsible and reports to the Transport and Security Assistant who will assign the duties as appropriate. In the absence of the Transport and Security Assistant, the driver will directly be responsible and report to the H.E.R Logistics Manager.

PART 4 – Basic Function of Position

The employee serves as a driver of the ADRA Rwanda Office especially in UNHCR Program with responsibility for assuring fulfilment 0f the need for transportation as well as the security  personnel of goods on transit.

PART 5 – Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Carries out driving duties as instructed by the Transport and Security Assistant or other persons designated for this duty. No service vehicle will be driven unless authorized by the supervising personnel.

Only ADRA personnel should be authorized to be driven as passengers in ADRA vehicles. Unauthorized persons should never be taken as passengers in ADRA vehicle.

  • The driver is responsible for all loading and offloading goods into the vehicle and ensures their security and condition while in transit in the vehicle.
  • Checks weekly vehicle schedule for the office (transport needs) and prepare necessary plans.
  • Maintains the relevant forms (Log Book) assigned to each of the ADRA vehicles and submit it to the Transport Officer at the end of each month.
  • Ensures that the vehicle allocated is checked on a daily basis (Monday to Friday) concerning fuel, water, oil and other fluids, tyre pressure and any damage/repair requirement (which are to be reported to the Transport and Security Assistant for action).
  • Suggest and report in writing on appropriate services or repair needed.
  • Ensures that all equipment and accessories are in good order and report it to the Transport and Security Assistant on a monthly basis.
  • Ensures that all allocated vehicles are kept clean and the interiors tidy.
  • Report any accident or driving incident, even minor, to the Transport Officer as quickly as possible and complete necessary reports.
  • Obey all traffic regulations, including the wearing of seat belts. The driver must ensure that he is in possession of a driving license when on driving duties.

The payment of speeding, parking and other road traffic offence fines is the driver’s responsibility.

  • Carries out any other duties as to assist ADRA office for administrative, to replace absent colleagues duties however driving duties or tasks take priority.
  • Supervises all maintenance jobs carried out by the garage on the vehicle .
  • The driver should make sure that fulfilment of his tasks is carried out with full care preserving the confidentiality of all matters related to ADRA’s operations.
  • To reside near within easy reach of place where the persons/staff being driven so as to be easily accessible to attend to his/her work whenever duty calls.

PART 6 – Skills and Qualifications Required

Followings are the qualifications and experience required for the position of ADRA driver:

  • Completion of secondary education (A’ level certificate);
  • Basic French/English/Kinyarwanda communication;
  • Knowledge of driving rules and regulations;
  • Minimum of 10 years driving experience with safe driving record;
  • Experiences working with national and international projects;
  • Having interpersonal skills, honest and active in services;
  • Possession of driving license at least class B, C, D, and E.



Interested applicants should submit their scanned and signed Letter of application, Curriculum vitae (CV) and copy of a valid driving licence  to the Human Resources and Administration Manager  of ADRA Rwanda, indicating : Application for the post of : Driver  via  email (erecruitment@adra.org.rw) until June 3,2021 at 2:00pm.